Started with recorder lessons when I was 6. Lessons from Guus Ang. Did not like the recorder. Switched to piano when I was 7, also from Guus Ang. Pianolessons from Maja Neumann. Then stopped piano lessons when I was about 11. Could hardly play after that.

This is how music started for me. Not a big succes, as I was not very motivated and I could not choose my own instrument and did not practice. However, things started to change. I bought my first synth when I was 16, connected it with MIDI to my Amiga computer and started making electronic music. Started teaching myself play, encouraged by a friend, Ellen Suselo. Started to play the piano again.

Then I started studying in Delft. There I started a course of pianolessons with Johannes Jacobs who was a great teacher. Wrote some music for girls I had crushes on. I started singing lessons with Joost van der Linden. Singing lessons with Wilma Franchimon. Joined the choir of DSMG Krashna Musika which was conducted by Daan Admiraal, Leo Rijkaart and Gilles Michels. With Krashna Musika I have sung some of the most beautiful music, like the Mozart Requiem, Bach's' Mattheus Passion and Mahler's second Symphony. During that time I really wanted to play in an orchestra. Was heartbroken because of a non mutual crush on a girl who studied cello at the conservatory. On a suggestion by Marco who was also a choirmember, I started "Stageles" at the conservatory in the Hague where I got lessons from students from the conservatory. During that time, one of my teachers, Emile Visser, was a huge influence on me, because he learned me to improvise and to play jazz on cello. After Emile I had lessons from Suzanne who was a very good teacher and was very strict, which I needed. Then when I moved to Amsterdam, I met Florien Hamer, who is still my cello teacher.

Meanwhile I had some experiments and courses. I took keyboard improvisation lessons with Frank van der Duin, with whom I also took the Soul workshop. I borrowed instruments from friends, like Harminke's flute, and Martijntje's saxophone which I played for a while. And I still made a lot of music, took midi course by Nout Grupstra and Edwin Uytenbroek, DJ course from Rene Ormskerk and was influenced by a friend, Peter Zoeteweij. When I moved to Amsterdam had some singing lessons with Mickey Wagner and with Krista Vincent. After being quite discouraged at singing solo during a chambermusick concert of Krashna Musika I tried singin solo again at the creaorchestra chambermusic evening and it was a big success.

Then in Amsterdam, I discovered the crea orchestra (directed by Bas Pollard), where my dream of playing in an orchestra came true. Here I am still a member and had some great concerts, playing Shostakovich 11, Mahler 1, Two operas (Carmen and Don Quichote) and the highlight was when we played Mahler 2 (which I had sang before with Krashna Musika) in the concertgebouw. I am still playing in this wonderful orchestra.
In Amsterdam I also joined Studenten Koor Amsterdam, conducted by Yt Nicolai, where I sang the Johannes Passion and went on tour to Budapest. I started my first stringquartett, the streichfein quartett for non classical music with members of the creaorchestra. But my first stingquartett performance was acutally playing the Canon in D with the Kaasquartett. The Ergane quartett was my next quartett, and then the S & Em quartett, all with members of my orchestra. Also the LHBWGS-sextet (a singing sextet) was started with orchestra members after the Latvia tour with the creaorchestra.

Some fun and interesting projects came up. Izzy's band with Melissa, Marcus and Eric for the xs4all cultural night. Jamming with Ms. Syche on cello + effects. The KSDO conducted by Stijn Berkhouwer. And still a lot more coming up...
So my sincerest thanks to all my teachers, to my fellow band/choir/orchestra/ensemble mates, to my musical friends and all involved.

My biggest musical inflluences are Shostakovich, Bach, Mahler, Autechre, Photek, Pendulum, Noisia, infected mushroom, Aphex twin, Speedy J, Mu-ziq, Miles Davis, Rotterdam Terror Corps,